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Tyrone Mitchell Henderson



"Henderson shines in the art of illusion, performing an array of very funny roles while intermittently expressing harsh, real-life truths about his own failings as well as his ongoing love and dreams for his now grown daughter. His mannerisms seemed effortless, and his pain-filled sentiments touched the heart."

'The Magician's Daughter' - Geva Theatre Center - Marcia Placito Morphy Democrat & Chronicle

"Henderson's Prospero, whom the audience manages to equally loathe and love as he dances between acts of tenderness and cruelty, a relic of antiquity who hasn't lost his wit. These two actors deliver truly brilliant performances, no easy feat in a show of this pace and tonal dynamics."

'The Magician's Daughter' - Geva Theatre Center - Colin Fleming-Stumpf BroadwayWorld

"These sobering thoughts remain mostly beneath the surface in "Rancho Viejo," which also features Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Leon, Suzanne's boyfriend and the most tech-savvy of the group;"

'Rancho Viejo,' Where Banality and Trouble Cohabitate

Rancho Viejo Playwrights Horizons - Ben Brantley NYTimes CRITICS' PICK Four Stars

"Daniel Aukin's immaculate production shines with a smashing cast including Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Lusia Strus, Bill Beull, Ruth Aguilar, Ethan Dubin and a very talented mutt named Marti."

Rancho Viejo Playwrights Horizons - David Cote Timeout Critics' Pick

"Daniel Aukin's steady direction of the game cast.  In a season boasting several outstanding ensembles, this one rates high for its grasp of behaviors that we all catch ourselves in more often than we like to admit."

Rancho Viejo Playwrights Horizons - David Finkle

"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson plays the posturing Leon with the agility of a linx.  He seemed like he could pounce at any point, but holds in his real feelings with a thin veil of passive aggression and later with super efficiency.  His ability to deliver the well-oiled response into the perfectly created societal construct was fantastic to watch.  The performers are astounding and work as a riveting ensemble."

Rancho Viejo Playwrights Horizons - Jacquelyn Claire

Fate holds the cards in searing ‘Topdog/Underdog’

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor

Winner: Outstanding Production-Outstanding Director-Outstanding Lead Actor (Matthew Harris)

As Lincoln, Henderson carries himself with the innate authority of the firstborn, an effect intensified by the actor’s height. Henderson’s Lincoln is a man who keeps his cards close to the vest. The actor endows Lincoln with the deceptive passivity of a professional flimflam artist, the wheels always turning, always looking for an edge, even when it comes to something as small as persuading Booth to swap neckties so Lincoln ends up with the better one, grinning triumphantly.

Topdog Underdog-Don Aucoin Boston Globe

Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Lincoln is subtle yet commanding on stage. His voice and movements convey wisdom and conflict; hope and much pain. Watching him show Booth how to set up a Three Card Monte scam is captivating. The banter and the hand movement makes you want to throw your money down and find where the black card has landed
Topdog Underdog - Bobby Franklin boxing over

Like the president he impersonates, Henderson has a tall and thin physique. His Lincoln is soft-spoken, even while trading taunts with Booth. But when he wakes up from a nightmare, reliving his addiction to the game and its violence, Henderson shows his character’s anguish and fear. Later, with equal dexterity, Henderson renders Lincoln’s chameleon-like change into a slick, fast-talking hustler who wears his stylish fedora at a jaunty angle.

Bay State Banner-Susan Saccoccia

Framed by scenic designer Clint Ramos’ sinister spikes, which jut out from the brothers’ cramped world into the audience, are two actors functioning at peak performance despite the believably lived-in nature of their portrayals. Tyrone Mitchell Henderson imbues Lincoln with the world-weariness and withdrawal one might expect from someone who has renounced their own agency and comfortably settled into the role of big brother.  His languorous drawl makes for an electric counterpoint to Matthew J. Harris’ mile-a-minute prattle as perennial younger brother Booth. Harris’ overhyped charisma catalyzes the show into motion and keeps us attentive with his Napoleonic thirst for success, but it is Henderson’s dethroned resignation that provides the show it’s tragic backbone.
By Juan A. Ramirez, A&E columnist

Both Harris and Henderson are eye-catching competitive dynamos. They are so good at slip-sliding slight-of-hand that you end up feeling that — given all the hustling, grifting, and card-sharking going on — you are missing something good if you concentrate too long on one of them. Harrison, as Booth, is the more frenetic of the two, his flashy movements sudden and swift, often recalling the pop-and-lock dance style. Henderson, in contrast, imbues his Lincoln with a relaxed (though often intoxicated) grace and dignity that no doubt flimflammed many an innocent mark over time. By Ian Thal

"Communications at its most profound level transcends vocabulary. The actors, internalizing this central insight of the play, imbue their pauses and mute looks with heartbreaking eloquence."

"...Henderson (Nominated for Theatre Bay Area Award = Best Featured Actor in a Play), reveals Lucien's compassion in the character's unhurried presence."

"This is a rare form of entertainment, closer perhaps to enlightenment than we are accustomed to in these days of superficial distraction.  Berkeley Rep honors this touching new drama by trusting that restraint combined with sincerity is enough to keep us hooked."

Aubergine/Awarded for Best of 2016 - Charles McNulty LA Times


"The gentle, smart and wise visiting hospice nurse Lucien (Tyrone Mitchell henderson)..."

Aubergine - Leslie Katz SFEXAMINER


"Ray becomes his reluctant caregiver, guided by a kind and wise hospice nurse, Lucien (first-rate Tyrone Mitchell Henderson)
Aubergine - Emily S. Mendel Berkeleyside


"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson's captivatingly attentive, cagey and irresistibly supportive hospice nurse Lucien..."

Aubergine - Robert Hurwitt SFGATE

"The cast delivers: Ms. Fox’s Angel is simmering, seductive, and also heartbreaking. Mr. Henderson’s Guy is brilliantly funny, strong, and a life force who doesn’t know the meaning of defeat. These two actors anchor the show."

Blues for an Alabama Sky - Manning Harris Atlanta InTown

"Guy is a longtime friend and savior for Angel. He steps in to take care of her, giving her a place to sleep and sharing in her sorrows and triumphs. An exuberant costume designer, he is utterly fearless and works obsessively to make ends meet and to one day work for the legendary Josephine Baker. He understands he lives in a place that just isn't meant for him and lauds Paris as a promised land where he and Angel can live out their dreams. Tyrone Mitchell Henderson makes for a vivid, memorable, almost effortless Guy who very nearly steals the show. 

(Nominated for SUZI Bass Award-Best Featured Actor in a Role)

Blues for an Alabama Sky - TK Hadman EdgeAtlanta

"Paul gets the funniest lines, and Henderson's wound-up but sensible cuckold is the most enjoyable person to watch onstage."

"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson is vibrant with his war of words as the angry mate of [sic] Pill."

iHo Berkeley Rep - Richard Connema


"Paul (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson) also shines as the irate, cuckolded husband of Pill, whose angry takedowns are so eloquent and multi-syllabic they verge on philosophic...

iHO Berkeley Rep - Anna Pulley East Bay Express


"Adding color to the clan are their three significant others: Pill's husband Paul (played with marvelous, booming spite by Tyrone Mitchell Henderson) For fans of Kushner, and fans of rigorously intellectual theater, this is still be a must-see. Be prepared for an audience endurance test, and caffeinate if possible. It's worth it to see Lovejoy's, Henderson's, and Geiger's performances, and designer Christopher Barecca phenomenal set, alone.

iHO Berkeley Rep -  Jay Barmann SFist


"Pill is married to Paul, (played by Tyrone Mitchell Henderson with delicious, slice -and-dice ruthlessness) a college professor who's nervy enough to accuse Gus of triggering the siblings' dysfunction in Act 1. Lou Francher - SFweekly


"...and stuffy theologian husband (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, soaring on the brilliance of his outraged rants).  iHO Berkeley Rep-Robert Hurwitt is The San Francisco Chronicle's theater critic


"Pill’s husband, Paul, has no patience for this nonsense whatsoever. We first meet Paul in an extended rant as he tells off Pill and his family, in the process providing exposition as to who everyone is. Tyrone Mitchell Henderson lays into these tirades with a satisfyingly snarky contempt that can’t help but give the listener a vicarious thrill because the dressing-down is so obviously well earned..."

iHO Berkeley Rep-Sam Hurwitt May 24, 2014Explore: Performance, Performance: Review KQED


"Surrounding him – each displaying extraordinary acting chops – are Randy Danson as aunt Clio, a radicalized ex-nun; Lou Liberatore as Pill, Gus’ super-tormented gay history-teaching son; and Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Paul, a theologian enraged by virtually everyone he encounters – as well as God... six stars on a five-star chart"

iHO Berkeley Rep - Woody Weingarten Marinscope


"...And some stories endure for a reason.  Narrator Tyrone Mitchell Henderson brings Dickens' wickely funny and powerful prose to life with just the right lift of the eyebrow."


"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, who narrates from one sequence to the next, is mesmerizing!... I often didn't want his narration to end.  Rather than waiting for the next scene, I found myself instead waiting to see the charismatic body language and hear the raw emotion that accompanies his monologue."


Christmas Carol Actors Theatre of Louisville.


"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson provides excellent contrasts as the exiled Mowbray and later as the foppish Bishop of Carlisle, whose drop of goodness allows him to be spared by Henry in spite of his loyalty to Richard."



"Carrie shares a tiny Houston apartment with her adult son Ludie (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson) and his quarrelsome wife Jessie Mae (Rachel Leslie), who wishes Carrie out of her life.  Credit all three actors with keeping it real and letting the audience read every nuance in the unhappy household. Jackie Demaline THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL-CINCINNATI PLAYHOUSE IN THE PARK


"There are engaging contributions from Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, as the morally slippery newspaper editor Hovstad"



"Aslaksen (Wilbur Edwin Henry) and Hovstad (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson) create a unique dynamic between themselves and their interactions with the Doctor.

Henderson is the most pivotal character we see created outside of the two brothers. He starts off young and headstrong with ideas that rumble of revolution. But the moment he’s threatened or forced to see things in a different light he flips over faster than a burning hot cake on the griddle. As this turncoat character, Henderson drives a good deal of the action in scenes with the Doctor giving him great material to spark responses from." Metro DC Amanda Gunther  AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE-CENTERSTAGE


" Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Cléante, Elmire’s rational brother gives a solid performance."  



"Cleante—wonderfully portrayed by the GQ clad Tyrone Mitchell Henderson."  



"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson is impressive as the reasonable Cléante."  



"...and Tyrone Mitchell Henderson’s Cleante is just right."



"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson's Camillo, who projects a wisdom and integrity that makes his character stand out above all others in this production."

Andrew Beck Hartford Arts Examiner  THE WINTER'S TALE-YALE REP


"Solid and nuanced performances are also given by Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as the devoted Camillo..."

Frank Rizzo The Hartford Courant THE WINTER'S TALE-YALE REP


"The lyricism in Mr. Wilsons language finds its way into every plain-spoken characters speeches....a strong ensemble cast, forcefully directed by Liesl Tommy."

New York Times.-Anita Gates  THE PIANO LESSON-YALE REP


"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson's Avery, an elevator operator and aspiring reverend who is courting Berniece, beautifully shows the gentle but assured temperament of preacher in the making." Frank Rizzo. THE PIANO LESSON-YALE REP


"Choy-Kee and Henderson as the play's most dignified figures emerge with dignity intact" -  LETTERS TO THE END OF THE WORLD


"Embodying hope in the face of despair, one colleague, a wistful Emmanuel (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson), swoons for the Nike swoosh and all things American"



"Tyrone Mitchell Henderson channeling his inner Tim Meadows as a scene-stealing game-show host."

Denver Post - RECKLESS


" I cant think of enough superlatives for Michael Keylouns and Tyrone Mitchell Hendersons work as "Man"

Vital Voice - THE 39 STEPS


"As the stakes and emotions rose during the second act, both Henderson and Overshown came fully alive, joining an impassioned, full-throttled roar toward the finish line."

Journal Sentinal - RADIO GOLF 


"Its hard to watch the tears of frustration, so deftly produced by Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as lead character Harmond Wilks, stream down the actors face.  The tears raise empathy for both the character, who is trying so hard to do the right thing for everyone, and for the actor, who must produce that level of emotion night after night."

Third Coast Digest - RADIO GOLF


"Henderson's delivery feels masked and therefore unpredictable, which makes Lincoln's web of emotions all the more intense and engaging." - TOPDOG/UNDERDOG



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