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While you are here, please visit my updated Video Reels page, by clicking the link above.  There are a host of new television appearances in order for you to view my work.

Tyrone has a recurring role as
Federal Judge Arnold Pappas 
on Law and Order

Click Link to watch Theater Camp.
The feature film that won a Jury Prize at Sundance
and is now a SEARCHLIGHT feature film at SXSW.  Catch me as Devin's Dad.


The New York Premiere of

REDWOOD by Brittany K. Allen


Photo from Portland Center Stage production

What a run during the Fall of 2023 at
Ensemble Studio Theater.

When Steve Durbin sets out to chart his Black family's ancestry online, his revelations unwittingly throw his entire family into turmoil. Chiefly: his niece, Meg, is forced to consider her relationship with Drew (her white boyfriend) in an unsettling new light. Guided by a hip-hop dance class chorus, this singular American family must find a way to live in a present that's overpopulated with ghosts.

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